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“It reminds me of the good old days.”    Keith Baker


“I thought it may take a few issues to for you to “get your legs under you”, but the first one was great. Kate’s writing abilities are great, it was great to see that Jarret had a good deal of input…”    Pat Hall


“It’s like you guys picked up exactly where you left off. Fantastic! Thank you to all involved.”    Omar Hadi


“Welcome back..I believe SSCWN  to be the best source of news and information in the Car Wash industry. Looking forward to future issues…”    Mick Ruffolo


“Thanks for all your efforts in reviving the SSCWN!!! The article on the history of self serve car washing reminds us all of the many pioneers whose shoulders we ride on today in this industry. Finally read it all; great job!!”    Jim Holve


“Great issue. Good work. I look forward to future issues.”    Ron Holub


“I found the new issue of SSCWN in the mail yesterday. So far I only have read through 1/2 of it but I am really impressed.  I like the articles from various regional shows that reflect open discussions by real life operators and not “advisors.”  I saw several new ideas that went into more depth than we get on the forum. Keep up the good work Kate and Jackson!”    Scott Gray


“If you’re not taking this paper, you need to be.”    Phil Tutt


“Looks great Jackson! Keep up the good work, we all appreciate it.” Eric H.