Self Serve Carwash News
Voice of the Self Serve Carwash Industry



SSCWN was established in 1973 by California operators Joe and Julia Campbell, who were dedicated to the mission of achieving solidarity within the Self Serve carwash industry by transforming it into a community.  Joe served as Editor Emeritus since 1985, when Jarret J. Jakubowski assumed ownership.  Jarret masterfully guided the paper’s ascension as Editor/Publisher from 1985 through 2011, receiving the International Carwash Association’s special “Award of Merit” in ’95.  He now faithfully serves as Editor Emeritus.

In 2013, Publisher/owner Jackson Vahaly and Debra Gorgos, the former Editor of Professional Carwashing & Detailing, joined forces to resume publishing the quarterly,  Self Serve Carwash News, which remains the most authentic trade journal for the industry and dedicated exclusively to America’s most popular carwash: The Self Serve!

SSCWN remains committed to bringing the industry the in-depth articles, grass-roots reporting and independent, long-form journalism that the industry has depended on to guide, support and inform it all these years.

With its tradition as the only publication specifically for self serve operators, SSCWN brings you a wide range of “must read” coverage pertaining to the unique needs of self serve carwashes:  From reducing operator costs to technological innovations, marketing solutions, industry news, convention coverage, tips & tricks from ACF and so much more.  You’ll want to archive each essential issue to help you operate more efficiently for years to come!


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